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  • Blog Post: UK Schools pilot new Gadgeteer kit for education

    In October 2013, a new .NET Gadgeteer kit (REF) was launched specifically for education. It includes a low memory board and key modules that can be used in schools. The combination of modules and mainboard chosen keeps the cost down whilst allowing for sufficient different projects to give a full exposure...
  • Blog Post: .NET Gadgeteer at the BETT Show in London

    The BETT Show is a major event in the Technology and Education calendar in the UK and attracts over 30,000 visitors each year. This year BETT was held in the ExCel arena in Dockyards in London. .NET Gadgeteer was showcased at BETT on the AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) stand, thus attracting...
  • Blog Post: Averting the Looming Computer Scientist Shortage

    In a recent blog by Rane Johnson-Stempson Education & Scholarly Communication Principal Research Director, Microsoft Research Connections she highlights the value of the .NET Gadgeteer Platform in engaging children in rapid prototyping and industrial design. Computer Scientist Shortage .
  • Blog Post: Trainee teachers run .NET Gadgeteer Workshops at Microsoft Research Think Computer Science Event

    Trainee teachers assist at Microsoft Research Think Computer Science Event Think Computer Science is an annual event held by Microsoft Research at Duxford Imperial War Museum in Cambridge each December. This year, over 600 secondary school students and their teachers attended to hear inspirational...
  • Blog Post: More UK students get inventive with .NET Gadgeteer

    A second UK pilots involved 8 secondary schools using .NET Gadgeteer for around 12 weeks, mostly in extra-curricular groups with some using .NET Gadgeteer in the lower high school curriculum. Teachers were recruited to run the clubs and provided with some initial training. The students attending the...
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