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  • Blog Post: New Gadgeteer Book - Learn to program with Visual Basic & .NET Gadgeteer

    .NET Gadgeteer can be used to develop core programming skills that are needed when studying Computer Science at school. It also is an ideal platform for working on creative and collaborative projects. For learning to program with .NET Gadgeteer we have developed our own book, which utilises the Fez...
  • Blog Post: Design is fine: Workshop at UDK Berlin.

    The University of Stuttgart Gadgeteer workshop heads to Berlin. “Last week our Gadgeteer tour lead us to Berlin, where Prof. Gesche Jost heads the Design Research Lab at UDK Berlin . 6 designers and creatives came together for the 2-day workshop next to the waterside of the Spree. Interestingly...
  • Blog Post: Sound, tele-presence and robo tinkering: Workshop at ETH Zurich

    The next stop on The University of Stuttgarts Gadgeteer workshop tour; “Third stop: ETH Zurich. We started off early in the morning and welcomed 11 participants to our first workshop ‘abroad’. When we broke out into groups, among them two 2-people teams were formed who decided to...
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