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  • Blog Post: Subclassing controls in .NETCF 2.0, part 2

    Last time , we introduced the WndProcHooker class to facilitate hooking windows messages for managed controls at the native WndProc level. This time, we will use that WndProcHooker class to extend the .NETCF supplied TreeView control and add the NodeMouseClicked event. caveat: You will need to have...
  • Blog Post: Subclassing controls in .NETCF 2.0, part 1

    The .NET Compact Framework is just that. It is compact. We have to make tradeoffs between functionality and size. Sometimes, developers want more than we provide in the box. In our v1 product we didn't expose the Handle property on Control. It made it very difficult for developers to do the sort of customization...
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