The team is just back from another successful Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany. This is our one-year anniversary from our launch at this conference last year. It was good to go back and think about our progress. When we were there a year ago, there were just a few development platforms and no commercial products out on .NET Micro Framework yet. This year, our presentation area was overflowing. Apologies to Lorenzo for the blurry picture)



Embedded World marked the release of 2.5 with our native TCP/IP stack and much of the DPWS functionality (at least in Beta) as well as a number of porting kit changes. The release was well received and the booth was always busy.



Lots of good press and partner meetings as well. I believe the story got picked up in various forms by over 70 publications. We passed out nearly all the product information sheets that we took over there – both for .NET Micro Framework and for our partners.

It was good to be there but it was certainly good to get home as well. Going home almost didn’t happen. Below is the departure display in the Amsterdam Airport the day I flew back. If you can read it, you’ll see that nearly every flight that day was delayed or cancelled due to excessive winds. Fortunately, my flight snuck out.



Our next show is ESC West in San Jose in April. Perhaps we will see you there.