To more aggressively promote the adoption of the .NET Micro Framework, we have entered into an arrangement with the MSDN team. Most MSDN subscriptions will now include the latest version of the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit. While available only as an online download, this product is exactly the same as the one currently available through Microsoft Stores.


Furthermore, by filling out the optional product registration form, you can get free upgrades to newer versions of the Porting Kit at no additional charge. MSDN subscriptions also include some free incident calls to our product support centers, which can be used if needed for the Porting Kit.


To ease through the transition, we will continue to make the Porting Kit available online through Microsoft Stores or via email ( for a limited time. However, as we expect most people to opt for this incredible deal, we plan to close our offering on the Microsoft Stores July 1. 


Please note:

·         In order to be consistent with the MSDN licensing agreement, we have changed the standalone Porting Kit agreement to be on a per user basis rather than the earlier group/site license. For this reason, the price of standalone Kit will be $599.95

·         MSDN Subscription Levels currently providing the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit are:

MSDN OS ; VS Pro with MSDN Pro ; VS Pro with MSDN Premium; MSDN OS ; Developer AA; VS Pro with MSDN Pro ; VSTS Team Suite ; VSTS Architecture ; VSTS Development ; VSTS Test ; VS Pro with MSDN Premium ; MSDN Universal ; VSTS Database ; VS Pro with MSDN Premium ; VSTS Test ; VSTS Development ; VSTS Architecture ; VSTS Team Suite ; VSTS Database ; BizSpark Admin; and BizSpark.  Please note that the MSDN OS  initial subscription is $699