Following the move of the .NET Micro Framework team to the Developer Division of Microsoft we are planning on involving the community in the future definition and development of the product by allowing access to the source code of the runtime and object model, as well as the drivers.  We are currently in the process of framing the rules of engagement and we hope to be able to offer both a process for a regulated development effort and a broad license, so that it will be possible to take advantage of the code base without necessarily contributing to the community.  The details and the rules of this engagement will be defined over the near term with your involvement as well. 

The evolution of the core code will be managed to insure small size, good performance, quality and consistency.  The .NET Micro Framework team will provide the initial guidance and the necessary tools to facilitate the contribution of code at all levels of the stack.  With the community participation, we are looking at creating an arbitration process to drive the evolution of the product and the development activity.  Stay tuned for the official announcement and please provide us with your thoughts through the usual channels.


Lorenzo Tessiore

Developer Manager