As you all know, we are working through all the issues associated with moving the product from a revenue model to an 'open' model.   That will all take place with the next release as promised earlier.  In the interim, we are taking some steps with the 3.0 product which is available for use in development and products as before.  To faciliate the broadest use of the platform, we are making the porting kit available as a free download from the Microsoft Download Center - the same place where the SDK is avilable.  There is a Service Pack that was just released for the 3.0 porting kit.  We are not going to take the time to merge those two releases at this time so anyone wanting to start with the porting kit will have to download the porting kit and then install the Service Pack over that.  The link for the new porting kit download is:  Go ahead and pass this on.  Thanks