July, 2009

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About .Net Micro Framework Team Blog

Welcome to the .NET Micro Framework team blog, where we’ll be posting about our experiences, ideas, and activities. Our intent is to provide the latest information about the .NET Micro Framework, to get your unfiltered feedback, to support the development of the community, and to just plain have fun.
We spend most of our time working to make the .NET Micro Framework better, and finding time to blog on a regular basis on top of that can be hard. So a number of developers, testers, and product managers from the .NET Micro Framework team will be posting here to make sure you get the latest information from a variety of perspectives. Occasionally MVPs and Microsoft employees in other groups will join in as well. 
By the way, this blog is usually not the best place to get immediate help with a problem you’re having. Support for specific .NET Micro Framework issues is best obtained through Microsoft product support services, our discussion forum, or your board vendor.  Other .NET Micro Framework resources are available through our NETMF.com website.

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    New Hardware

    There is some interesting new hardware that is hitting the streets these days and I wanted to take a minute in case you missed some of it. There are new modules and boards from Device Solutions, AUG Electronics, and GHI Electronics. I’ll go through them...
  • .NET Micro Framework

    Update on the 'open source' transition

    Lots to report here. First, the pre-release of version 4.0 has gone out to our hardware partners last week. They get a little jump on it so that they can have harwdare to support the broader beta. If you would like more information on that program...
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    NETMF and Energy Management

    As we have seen from several of the entries in the Dare to Dream Different contest, there is a lot of interest energy management applications and the use of the Micro Framework in these applications. It absolutely makes sense since these solutions include...
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    Cool Imagine Cup Entry

    Our Dare to Dream Different contestants are not the only ones using the Micro Framework in creative ways. The Micro Framework was part of the solution in an entry to the Imagine Cup ( http://imaginecup.com/ ) that won the Chinese competition and will...
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