The download files are showing as available at this point so let us know if there are any access issues.  Thanks for your patience.

We are refreshing the beta today with several bug fixes and a more complete integration of the lwIP stack.  Here is the list of work items taken for the beta refresh:

    1) lwIP fixes: lwIP is operational for the following solutions: iMXS_net, iMXS_net_open, (both on ENC28J60 controller),  SAM7X_EK and EA_LPC2478

    2) Updated SH ports

    3) Solution Wizard bug fix for cloning platform and adding/removing lwIP/RTIP TCP/IP stacks libraries

    4) Fixes for OpenSSL stack and native tests for Cryptographic support and Client/Server authentication for the iMXS_net platform through NativeSample.cpp

    5) DPWS fixes for

    a. code generation from assembly to WSDL and back to assembly

    b. eventing service

    6) managed code samples fixes for PK samples

    7) Interop stub generation bug fix

    8) Bug fix for broken dependencies across projects

    9) bug fix for RemovableMedia.Insert/Eject


    6 out of 8 of this bugs were found by the community – thanks for your help.