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  • Blog Post: Big Data I: 16 Papers and original articles

      What are the most influential papers in the world of Big Data?   Let me suggest: We face a data management problem: IDC 2010 Digital Unverse Study First reference to “Big Data” I found on the web, on Nature 455 In 2008,...
  • Blog Post: The ‘addicted to data’ decade is still in its infancy

    “Content is king” is the golden rule of the SEO. The semantic web is all about data.  Any web or traditional application has no value without data. Few people have discussed the future of Data, Pat Halland being one of the most prolific ones. Data is and will be everything: An internet scale document...
  • Blog Post: The new Business Intelligence frontiers: Individual and Civilization

    I just realized that blogs will soon be obsolete artifacts . Let me explain why: For over 10 thousand years “writing, painting and talking” have been the most basic communication tools we use to describe our lives. In the early computing days storage was very limited; I remember tools like WinDirStat...
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