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neXpert ExecAction Listeners

neXpert ExecAction Listeners

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neXpert v1.1 introduces many different ExecAction listeners for both general Fiddler actions and some neXpert specific actions.

Command Action Sample Usage
loadsaz filename Load a SAZ file into Fiddler. loadsaz c:\blog.saz
savesaz filename Save a SAZ file of all captured traffic savesaz c:\blog.saz
clearcookies Clear all WinINET cookies. clearcookies
clearcache Clear the WinINET cache. clearcache
enablestreaming Turn on Fiddler streaming mode. enablestreaming
disablestreaming Turn off Fiddler streaming mode. disablestreaming
enableping Turn on neXpert ping. enableping
disableping Turn off neXpert ping. disableping
addstep step name Add a neXpert step to the last Fiddler session captured. addstep Click profile link
createreport  filename Create a neXpert report based on all traffic in the capture.  This command currently will not create the zip file of both the report and capture. createreport c:\report.html

Since neXpert also has buttons for enabling/disabling streaming and pinging, currently the last command issued will decide what occurs.

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