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July, 2010

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    Rendering with XNA Framework 4.0 inside of a WPF application

    First some prefaces: This isn’t any official solution to embedding XNA Framework graphics inside a WPF application. This is simply my personal attempt at making it happen. The code here might not be the most optimized, but it certainly gets the job done...
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    Storage in XNA Game Studio 4.0

    With the recently released beta of XNA Game Studio 4.0, one of the new changes you may have seen is the updates to the Storage namespace of the framework for Windows and Xbox 360. While it’s all still StorageDevice and StorageContainer, you will see that...
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    Landscape mode in Windows Phone Developer Tools

    Remember that thing I said about simulating landscape mode in the emulator? Forget about it. With the release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta, I’m pretty excited to say that landscape is now natively supported by the emulator so all you have...
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    Touch gestures on Windows Phone 7

    Update: My gesture sample is also now available for download which shows an example of mixing awesome gestures with awesome cats. You can find that here: In the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta released...
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