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September, 2010

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    Don’t build more than what you need

    One of the more abstract lessons I learned through making my AppWeek game was to build for the current project. I am, in my spare time, trying to build what one could call a 3D game engine. I’ve been (very) slowly building up code in various areas that...
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    Don’t reinvent those wheels

    Still continuing on about my AppWeek game , another bit that really helped me out was leveraging existing code for pieces of the game I didn’t really know how to make in a short time. While I do have a decent amount of generic code I’ve accumulated over...
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    Batch your polygons

    Continuing my little series on how I created my AppWeek game , let’s talk about triangles, specifically those that make up a level. When working on a 3D game, you’ll more than likely reach a point where you need to optimize your rendering. You’re either...
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    The delights of DualTextureEffect

    When I started on my AppWeek game , I wanted to build the game using the Reach profile as much as possible so I could more easily reuse the graphics part on Windows Phone. I was pretty close; the only piece of my game that didn’t directly convert to Windows...
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    My AppWeek 2010

    As Shawn blogged yesterday , we wrapped up AppWeek last week and got to see a lot of cool games from the team. I put in a bit of overtime on my game and ended up with a split-screen first person shooter on PC and Xbox 360 and a single-player tech demo...
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    I helped ship XNA Game Studio 4.0

    Allow me to be a bit nostalgic here for a post. It’s December 2006 and I’m a college kid in Grand Rapids, Michigan. XNA Game Studio Express was just released and promised the opportunity to make games more easily with C# and an API built for rapid creation...
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