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June, 2006

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    I Don't Like Arrays

    The number one reason that I dislike arrays in .NET is the fact that they implement IList<T> explicitly, thereby burying useful members like IndexOf behind a cast or equally ugly calls to static methods on System.Array, and needlessly renaming the...
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    Exceptions, exceptions, exceptions....

    I've made my first contributions to the FxCop team blog on a subject that's near and dear to my heart and often controversial: the perils of catch (Exception). Take a look here and here . Update: The saga continues ...
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    Opening the Coding Style Can of Worms

    I find it troubling when different portions of code from the same project use different indentation and bracing styles. In my opinion, it's much easier to read and maintain code that's uniform in style. However, you won't find me arguing that any one...
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    Presenting WeakDictionary[TKey, TValue]

    This morning, I posted a base class to assist with implementing IDictionary<TKey,TValue>. As I mentioned this was just the first chunk of work required as part of my goal of building a generic dictionary which uses weak references for its keys and...
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    Implementing IDictionary[TKey, TValue] Isn't Trivial

    I recently needed a dictionary which uses weak references to store both its keys and values, but which otherwise tried its hardest to look and feel just like any other IDictionary<TKey, TValue>. Since there's no such collection available in the...
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