Richard Lane and I attended the iSoft User Group conference (iSUG) last week where we did a total of 10 sessions across two days.  One of the highlights (for us at least) was a session entitled 'Cool Stuff'  where we had a chance to share some of the new and exciting technologies coming out from Microsoft - both from a professional and a consumer perspective.  Below is a quick list of topics (with associated links) that we covered:

Medical Search Services

NHS health care workers who have a connection to the National Network for the NHS (N3) are now able to access a range of trusted clinical information sources in one place, using Medical Search Services.

The service provides access to trusted clinical information resources when and where they are most required. With practical functionality built around day to day needs, Medical Search Services offer a range of information resources to staff who may not regularly have used existing NHS library services.


We then demonstrated our DeepZoom technology starting with the memorabilia collection at the Hard Rock Cafe and then showing how this can be utilised in healthcare showing the Microsoft CUI patient journey demonstrator - with the secondary care demonstrator using the technology to present medical charts.


We then showed our healthcare consumer focus with HealthVault - as described in a previous post


We switched gears and had some fun developing a mash-up or two using PopFly


Finishing off with photographs we showed how photo's could be taken with a mobile and shared using Live Mesh and Windows Live.  We also showed how new technology from Microsoft research - namely AutoCollage and Photosynth.