When: 20/05/2009 - 09:30 till 14:00

Where: Liverpool


Black Marble and Microsoft are demonstrating how small efficiencies can add up to big savings through the Microsoft family of collaboration tools. Drawing on the wealth of knowledge created by a collaborative project between Microsoft and the NHS (the Common User Interface Programme), Black Marble are running a series of knowledge workshops for NHS managers to show how effective deployment of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and related technologies can energise staff in all areas.

From low-risk, high impact solutions intended to save a few minutes each time someone performs a certain tasks, to larger process automation projects designed to streamline processes, SharePoint is a key efficiency tool. In addition, the software’s ability to host discussions and questionnaires can help staff at all levels of the organisation engage with major initiatives.

Microsoft is committed to a long term partnership with the NHS. One of the most important fruits of that partnership is a collection of best practice guidance and technology building blocks collectively known as the Microsoft NHS CUI. This collection is freely available to organisations within the NHS for immediate use, and some of the benefits to be gained through the NHS CUI tools will be covered in the workshops.  NHS Trusts can download guidance and tools from the N3 based PSPG site.

Microsoft’s Common User Interface (CUI) team works with healthcare organisations, high-technology companies and standards bodies to design and promote IT systems that support the delivery of better healthcare and promote patient safety.  They have produced, and Black Marble are empowered to implement a series of NHS Solution Enablers that are designed to tackle the challenges faced by many trusts, with the minimum of new IT or bespoke development.  These Enablers include one to manage meetings and one for creating reference policies and procedures for all manner of trust administrative processes.

During the knowledge workshop, Black Marble will relate SharePoint to real organisational issues and demonstrate how the system can directly benefit the NHS. Drawing on experience, crucial advice will be given on how to ensure the success of a SharePoint deployment and put in place the policies to manage the solution over time. The workshops end with a round table discussion, where attendees can ask direct questions about how SharePoint might solve specific issues that they face.

The Workshop will take place in Liverpool on the 20th May and repeated in Bradford on the 21st May.  Registration is from 9:30am, with the workshop due to begin at 10am and end at 2pm with lunch included. If you have any queries, or wish to register, please call 0845 644 7656.

You can register online here.