Tim Sneath has two exciting posts up on his blog:

Linda and I have been looking forward to the Silverlight 1.0 RC1 release in particular as we are working with several enterprise customers to implement Silverlight here in Singapore.

Tim's blog entry reveals significant improvements in performance, robustness and stability over the beta release.

While Tim also notes to that existing Silverlight beta deployments need to be checked for compatibility, he stresses that this will be the final breaking change.

I learnt from our recent MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange) conference, the product team is hardcore about delivering a "instant-on" experience with Silverlight -- which means fast, seamless in-place installation. RC1 and subsequent versions also incorporates an auto-update capability to simplify the installation process when new releases become available. There are also a lot more exciting features that should appear with Silverlight 1.1.

Our customers are doing some interesting stuffs with Silverlight, and we'll share more when we can...