ntpro: Where was something kick-ass like this for the first 2500 #TechEd US registrations? Screw the party ... http://bit.ly/10iUtu

WindowsITPro: TechED Australia attendees each score HP Netbook: TechEDAustralia attendees will get more than a bag and t-shir.. http://tinyurl.com/n2spkc

nigelwadsworth: @jeffa36 Very tempted to go this year after reading this. 2006 was the last TechEd I went to.

wstan: WTF! This year no TechEd event in Malaysia but Microsoft is giving HP Mini netbook with Windows 7 to each paying TechEd Australia attendee.

BrianFarnhill: Just heard about the netbooks being given out at TechEd this year - man I wish I could go :-(

@freitasm: Microsoft Oz giving HP Mini with Windows 7 to each of 2,300 TechEd attendees. Microsoft NZ giving away seven digital cameras.

orinthomas: TechED.au is giving away a netbook to all paying attendees. I suspect that attendance (especially at my sessions ;-) will be good.

hollingsworth: Nice bit of marketing and community-building there Nick - TechEdfolk get free Netbook http://bit.ly/rEz9w via @NickHodge

ANZTechEDSecure: Holycrap! Free netbook to paying TechED.au attendeeshttp://is.gd/1iCky #auteched

Alegrya: must find some $$ for that TechEd ticket!! RT @NickHodge: And Sekrit Projekt #1 goes public: http://bit.ly/rEz9w

davidfowl: @DamianEdwards Wow I went to the wrong teched