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January, 2010

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About Nick Hodge

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Nick Hodge is a Professional Geek for Microsoft, based online. More formal work resides at and Microsoft's own Enthusiasts' site, Channel 10.

Basketweaving for the Mind extends the random theory that coding can be a form of mental therapy, relaxation and exercise.

  • basketweaving for the mind

    JDBC to SQL Azure

    Using the open source jTDS JDBC Driver , you can connect to SQL Azure.   Driver class name: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver Database URL: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver:// <server>. <databasename> ;ssl=require Username...
  • basketweaving for the mind

    MahTweets goes 2.7

    The MahTweets team have released version 2.7 of the open source social media client. Based on WPF, MEF and other developer goodness: with source code available if you want to see how to create a desktop application. Many useability enhancements based...
  • basketweaving for the mind

    Windows 7 Multiple-monitor keyboard shortcut

    Just randomly found this feature. I am sure its documented in some list somewhere. To move a maximised window from one monitor to another (if your Windows 7 PC has more than one monitor connected) windows-key shift left/right arrow This also works...
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