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  • Blog Post: nRake and IronRuby

    A great little case study on the use of IronRuby to create nRake. Thanks to Senior .NET Consultant, James Crisp from ThoughtWorks for telling us the story!
  • Blog Post: The Iron Languages Podcast: Go Listen!

    New podcast off the rank is the Iron Languages podcast . Thanks to Will Green and Mike Hall. Go listen.
  • Blog Post: Adding (DLR) Scripting to a Desktop Application

    Want to Learn More? I highly recommend Michael Foord's book, IronPython in Action . I have blogged about MahTweets a couple of times: The long search for the perfect WPF Twitter Client. Over. and MahTweets goes 2.7 . MahTweets is a MS-PL open source social media client, created using MEF and WPF , based...
  • Blog Post: Demos and Links from Edge of the Web, Nov’08 Perth

    During the 50 minutes of presentation (including at least 9 ICHC images), I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Web Standards Live Mesh Mobile : take photo to mesh on laptop MacOS X 10.5 client available too [ not demo’d ] DataModelBrowser...
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