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  • Blog Post: Microsoft School of PHP: Now open for classes!

    PHP remains one of the most popular web development languages. Combining dynamic, edit/save/refresh development with extensibility - PHP is used by Wordpress , Drupal , Joomla and a myriad of other web content management systems. Intensive frameworks, such as CakePHP provide strongly structured development...
  • Blog Post: Preview: Microsoft School of PHP

    If you like PHP, and do not have time to setup the PHPOnWindowsTrainingKit - this forthcoming series of videos might be your thing! Microsoft School of PHP Preview
  • Blog Post: Sydney PHP Users Group, June 2010

    Another great night at the Sydney PHP User’s group. It was an interesting update of the trajectory Microsoft & PHP has plotted since my last presentation in September 2008 (with Jorke Odolphi) As promised, URLs and references. Thanks to Mark Brown and Ruslan for their slides with performance stats...
  • Blog Post: PHP: Of Eyes, Ears and Clouds

    SOme quick notes on Microsoft and PHP things that are in motion. Things is such a great Anglo-Saxon word. July CTP of PHP SDK for Windows Azure . If you are more visual, Rob Bagby has an excellent post and more excellent screencast overview: Also, pop over to the online webcasts CodeWorks , which is...
  • Blog Post: PHP on Windows

    Do you use PHP on Windows? Love to hear your stories. Comment here or email me at and I will send you a special postcard from Australia!
  • Blog Post: Open Source Developer Conference, Sydney, 2008

    During the 30 minutes of presentation, I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Open source licensing and giving back ASP.NET MVC on licensed via MS-PL ; the main, but not only, Microsoft repository of our open...
  • Blog Post: Demos and Links from Edge of the Web, Nov’08 Perth

    During the 50 minutes of presentation (including at least 9 ICHC images), I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Web Standards Live Mesh Mobile : take photo to mesh on laptop MacOS X 10.5 client available too [ not demo’d ] DataModelBrowser...
  • Blog Post: October 2008 Update: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP

    Now available, prebuilt is available for download Source is also available from Codeplex: CodePlex
  • Blog Post: Hidden in the Mists of the Forest

    Hidden in the mists of the autumnal forests (northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere it is springtime!) Microsoft opened a new door to interesting Opensource-web things: is...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Driver for PHP: Last Inserted Row ID

    After a mysql_query with an INSERT statement, a quick call to mysql_insert_id provides the ID of the last inserted row. $lastRow = mysql_insert_id($link); How do you accomplish the same with the SQL Server Driver for PHP? In this extended example, it’s a simple matter of adding some extra SQL to...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Driver PHP commands compared with MySQL PHP commands

    Over the years I have used the inbuilt PHP drivers for MySQL. The best mechanism for mapping the two methods is a simple table laying out a comparison between the two systems. Note this is not a SQLServer vs. MySQL argument, just for information and reference. As the SQLServer drivers change, I will...
  • Blog Post: Vista as my PHP Developer Workstation

    Prior to joining Microsoft, I always setup my Windows laptop as a PHP/Apache development workstation. Having created my own content management system in PHP (and who hasn’t!) – having a remote development copy is critical. Over the last few weeks, I have installed the following onto my Vista Ultimate...
  • Blog Post: Slides from Sydney PHP User Group

    Microsoft, PHP and IIS7 View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.
  • Blog Post: Speaking at Sydney PHP Group

    Pop along. PHP and IIS7, plus other SQL goodness . Also find out what exactly is a demon core ?
  • Blog Post: In Which I Get My Own IIS7

    Thanks to our resident Hosting Geek: Jorke , I have an internet-facing Windows 2008 / IIS7 web site. Yes, Jorke is a brave man. After logging in via Remote Desktop and changing my password, it is off and away on this funny experience with Windows IIS hosting. For the record, historically I have always...
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