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  • Blog Post: IIS7.x, Server Farms and Ruby

    (Caution: Ruby application names are as prolific, esoteric and funny as Microsoft code names) The previous post (broadly) demonstrated how to use a combination of URL Rewrite and FastCGI to put a Ruby on Rails application on IIS7.5 . As Rails , Merb ( which I am reliably informed is what all the...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7, IIS 7.5 and Ruby on Rails

    Having spent the weekend working on Ruby on Rails with IIS/SQLServer 2008 Express backend via FastCGI, here are some tips to get you going: The best resource is Ruslan’s post on Rails and IIS7 . In fact, go and bookmark this site right now. In Ruslan’s post, the web.config shown is best edited in a text...
  • Blog Post: Demos and Links from Edge of the Web, Nov’08 Perth

    During the 50 minutes of presentation (including at least 9 ICHC images), I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Web Standards Live Mesh Mobile : take photo to mesh on laptop MacOS X 10.5 client available too [ not demo’d ] DataModelBrowser...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft, Open Source and IronRuby

    John Lam is interviewed by James Turner at OSCON 2008 . To understand the interface between Microsoft and Open source, this is an excellent overview. With some Ruby stuff duck-typed in there, too
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