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  • Blog Post: My Geek Origin Story (for Microsoft Australia TechEd 2011)

    As Microsoft TechEd 2011 is fast approaching & Delic8genius has made a call-out to the Australian community “ What is your Geek Origin Story ” So, it’s time for me to document My Geek Origin Story My first geek obsession started with cats. Or, as we now call them, kittehs...
  • Blog Post: Random Email Poster Child for US TechEd 2010

    Not only has New Orleans won the Super Bowl, it is hosting North America TechEd 2010 . It seems the TechEd marketing team had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a post-boy for their email signature campaign . That is, they found an obscure Australian TechEd 2008 photo and ‘shopped me in: I am...
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