Couple quick responses to that "what to cover next" post, in case I don't get another chance for awhile:

  • Threading and STA -- I'm always happy to talk about threading, although I already wrote a lot into previous post.  Regarding STA specifically, currently we require true COM STA (CoInitializeEx & COINIT_APARTMENTTHREADED), in future release we might relax that to an "STA-like" model without the CoInitialize requirement, although I suspect by the time that happens there won't be enough heavy-duty COM code out there to make a real difference.
  • 3D and DirectX -- definitely falls into that "needs research" category, that will take a few weeks.
  • Dependency properties -- are you interested in how the implementation works, or the various tricks for defining dependency properties on your own controls?
  • commanding and undo -- largely separate topics, I know a lot more about commanding than I do about undo...

Coming up next -- a sample about Avalon and MDI!