The Microsoft Forefront Integration Kit for Network Access Protection helps customers strengthen their malware defenses by integrating two Microsoft technologies: Forefront Client Security and the new Network Access Protection feature in Windows Server® 2008.

Customers can use the Kit to help protect their network infrastructure by configuring a Forefront Client Security compliance health policy across their network, monitoring the operational health of Forefront Client Security in real time, and remediating problems that arise.


The Kit’s System Health Validator (SHV) establishes the Forefront Client Security compliance health policy that will be enforced on managed computers. For example, Forefront Client Security must be installed, running, and its signature files must be up-to-date.


The Kit’s System Health Agent (SHA) component monitors in real time the health of the computers on which the SHA and Forefront Client Security are installed to ensure they comply with the organization’s health policy.


If NAP detects a compliance issue with Forefront Client Security on one of the managed computers, NAP will attempt to remediate the issue or restrict the computer's access to network resources, depending on the health policies.

The Kit is freely available at