Hi All,

The Beta refresh release of the Silverlight Streaming publishing plug-in for Expression Encoder 2 is now available for download right here.

This plug-in makes it very easy to manage your encoded Silverlight video experiences and publish them online using the Silverlight Streaming service, from within the Expression Encoder 2 application.

As well as adding support for Expression Encoder 2, the plug-in has a number of enhancements, and uses the latest Silverlight Streaming service API:

  • File-by-file upload: There's no more need to package the files in a zip archive, and uploading file-by-file improves upload reliability and performance, while alleviating the risk of timeouts
  • Better upload progress reporting
  • Quota display that shows available/remaining online storage space
  • Support for application republishing: you can replace or merge existing applications
  • Several UI enhancements (e.g. resizable preview window, application list sorted in inverse date order, etc.)

Those of you who already know the SLS publishing plug-in for Expression Encoder 1 will no doubt love this one even more, and if you have never used the SLS publishing plug-in for Expression Encoder before, this is the perfect time to start. Enjoy!