Microsoft IT Showcase is pleased to announce the publication of Reducing Costs and Improving Systems Management with Hyper-V and System Center Operations Manager, which discusses how Microsoft IT used Hyper-V and System Center Operations Manager to reduce costs and improve systems management. 

Microsoft E&D IT leverages System Center Operations Manager and Hyper-V to Manage over 170 different applications and a 600+ Server Environment to streamline application and server Infrastructure management. In E&D IT, there is continued demand for agile application release to production and or servers provisioned to deliver IT value for the Xbox, Zune business demand. Hyper-V technology and platform is leveraged to provision Infrastructure capability and ability to scale up and enable proactive production support services with 'eyes and ears' leveraging System center ops manager. In doing so, IT has improved their deployment times, utilized the full capabilities of the hardware and lowered total cost of ownership for support, making them a much more agile team within the organization.

Video | Technical Case Study

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