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This blog is mainly about my personal experience around Search Technologies in general. It's all about Giving back to the community.

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  • Blog Post: FAST ESP 5.x - Indexer and Large Addresses Awareness

    Hi Search Enthusiasts I wanted to share an important update that has been made in indexer for Win32 platform. As you might know, 32-bit process don't address more than 2 GB of Memory by default on Windows platform. To allow them to go all the way to 4GB (usually when hosted on a 64-bit OS), you...
  • Blog Post: FAST ESP 5.x - fsearch maxmemusage clarification

    Context : FAST ESP 5.x Architecture If your fsearch process fails to start with the below error: Loading attribute vectors will exceed maximum memory usage, set to 1887436800 B (1800.00 MB). fsearch will not load this index. Please reduce index size or number of navigator fields and sortable fields...
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