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September, 2007

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I live in Rome/Italy and my role here is Architect in Microsoft's local services division.

I spend my time working, but when I don't work, I play with my sons, if I don't play with my sons, I write software, If I don't write software, I take photos, if I don't take photos, I look photos (mainly on flickr), if I don't look photos, I travel, If I don't travel, I run, if I don't run I sleep, if I don't sleep... I work again...

(as you can understand, I don't blog so much;-) 

Consider this blog as my notebook, where I post information I need and I don't want to loose in some sub sub sub directory or paper sheet.



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    Microsoft Mediaroom review by Bobby Choice

    One of the projects I'm working on involves Microsoft Mediaroom . In the following video, Bobby Choice describes how Microsoft Mediaroom works. Very funny.
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    Message Visualizer HOWTO

    Senthil in his post describes how to use CSF3's message visualizer tool to track/debug sessions. Check it out!
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    How to digitally sign a string

    The first step is to create a pair of key(pulic/private): RSACryptoServiceProvider RSA = new RSACryptoServiceProvider(); string publicKey = RSA.ToXmlString(false); string privateKey = RSA.ToXmlString(true); Private key is required to sign the string...
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