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October, 2007

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I live in Rome/Italy and my role here is Architect in Microsoft's local services division.

I spend my time working, but when I don't work, I play with my sons, if I don't play with my sons, I write software, If I don't write software, I take photos, if I don't take photos, I look photos (mainly on flickr), if I don't look photos, I travel, If I don't travel, I run, if I don't run I sleep, if I don't sleep... I work again...

(as you can understand, I don't blog so much;-) 

Consider this blog as my notebook, where I post information I need and I don't want to loose in some sub sub sub directory or paper sheet.



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    When you write a .NET application, to manage configuration settings is often required. These configuration settings can have a "user" or "application" scope. User settings can be different for each user will use the application, instead...
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    WPF and its positioning versus Windows Form

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    Avoid threads deadlock

    On this month's issue of MSDN Magazine, Stephen Toub describe the class DdMonitor. DdMonitor implements almost all interfaces exposed by .NET System.Threading.Monitor class but includes deadlock detection capabilities too. With the objective to make...
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