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  • Blog Post: NicolTIP#007: What to do when you no longer can run macros in Outlook 2007

    I am quoting information from [] because I tumbled in this issue and forgot to " just " restart Outlook :^) Whenever I went in to Tools - Macro - Macros, selected my macro and hit run I would end up in the...
  • Blog Post: HowTo: Unblock restricted file attachments in Microsoft Outlook 2007

    If you want (REALLY WANT :-) to change the Outlook file attachments security levels (i.e. to read e .exe file attached to a received email), and you know how to use the regedit.exe tool, you can follow the procedure below: Start...Run..."regedit" Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office...
  • Blog Post: How to remove attachments from outlook emails easily

    I receive often emails with big attachment that fill my inbox space very quickly. On the other side, I usually like both to remove these attach and keep the email to preserve the thread for future use. Outlook 2003 don't have this feature so I wrote the following VBA function I added to a button on my...
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