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  • Blog Post: Analyze User Behavior in Your Windows/Windows Phone App with Google Analytics

      My article on MSDN Magazine is out! “ App development is by definition an iterative process, so you’ll want to understand, in the shortest possible time, how your app is used and how a new version or feature may impact user behavior. How much is a feature really used? What is the user behavior...
  • Blog Post: A logging solution for Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8 app developers

    I have developed various applications, on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, and many times, I needed to analyze a log related to a strange behavior of one of my apps for a specific user. Often, it was not a crash but I needed to understand what the user did in order to obtain a specific thing...
  • Blog Post: The cool-est thing of the day:-)

    To realize that Windows Phone 8 emulators are just virtual machines running in Hyper-V is definitely the coolest thing I could see this morning I am geek, I know  
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