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  • Blog Post: How to provide a context sentitive help to your WPF application

    I found the following (and very) interesting post where is well described how to provide your windows presentation fundation client application with a context sensitive help. Chek it out!
  • Blog Post: WPF: How to embed an Icon in an Assembly

    You can easily integrate resources in your Windows Presentation Foundation application by using the WPF designer for Visual Studio and "pack:" URI scheme provided by XAML to reference resources in your application's XAML. for more information have a look to MSDN article .
  • Blog Post: WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation - for dummies (and for free:-)A

    As you discovered from my previous post, today I'm working on WPF, Again on codeproject, I found this series of articles that can be a good start point to understand basics on WPF, XAML, resources, styles...   WPF- A Beginner's Guide - Part 1 of n - Layout WPF - A Beginners guide part 2 of n - XAML...
  • Blog Post: WPF and its positioning versus Windows Form

    User interfaces are a fundamentally important part of most applications. Making those interfaces as effective has possible can have measurable benefits to the people and organizations that rely on them. With Windows Presentation Fundation (WPF) developers now have an added option to (.NET) Windows Form...
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