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I live in Rome/Italy and my role here is Architect in Microsoft's local services division.

I spend my time working, but when I don't work, I play with my sons, if I don't play with my sons, I write software, If I don't write software, I take photos, if I don't take photos, I look photos (mainly on flickr), if I don't look photos, I travel, If I don't travel, I run, if I don't run I sleep, if I don't sleep... I work again...

(as you can understand, I don't blog so much;-) 

Consider this blog as my notebook, where I post information I need and I don't want to loose in some sub sub sub directory or paper sheet.



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    Multiple SBE Monitor issue

    Do not run more than one SBE Monitor for a set of load-balanced OHSBEs...
  • NicolBlog

    Master controller can not communicate with Service Catalog

    Master controller can not communicate with Service Catalog (that is on the same machine) when it is balanced with external hardware. ...
  • NicolBlog

    SBE Error 40006 "failed role check validation"

    The SBE checks that the user in the SumbitOrderRequest header belongs to the role defined in "SBEMasterController.config" file under "OHSBERole" config value. This means that usually user must be into YOURDOMAIN\Requestors@CSF_SBE group. One typical configuration...
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    Starbucks coffee @ PDC

    As many of you probably knows in Italy isn't possible to find starbucks coffe :-( I'm italian and here @ PDC in every angle I can find free Starbucks coffe :-) I really do't know how many cofee I'm drinking every day but, In the morning I'm attending...
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    First message

    This is my first message on MSDN blog. N
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