May, 2006

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    Mix06 Sessions and adCenter

    Many of you are familiar of the Web conference that we ran in Las Vegas in March.

    The conference was a 72 hour conversation with many Internet leaders participating including Tim O'Reilly,  Amazon, Yahoo, eBay and

    We've published all 52 MIX06 sessions online for your education and enjoyment!

    You can watch Scott Guthrie - Build an application from scratch using ASP.NET and ATLAS but I hope you've got a fat broadband pipe if you choose the download option at ~ 200MB per video you are looking at >10GB to download all the sessions!

    Today at the seventh annual MSN Strategic Account Summit, Steve Ballmer announced the launch of Microsoft adCenter in the US, France, and Singapore. I signed up and paid my $5 USD purely to have a look around. If I had anything to advertise the comment here "MSN reaches nearly 2 out of 3 web users, and MSN Search reaches over 40 million a month." is pretty appealing. We will roll out to additional markets in the next year as we build adCenter into a global offering.

    Before you ask (Mauricio)... I don't know whether we'll be hosting Microsoft adCenter on 3rd party sites... e.g. Will we be doing contextual advertising? The lawyer answer... We're very interested in it and we've been doing allot of research but we haven't made any public statements on this. Although I personally think it'll be cool to get paid for hosting ads on your high traffic sites ala doubleclick and Google adSense today.

    Currently Microsoft adCenter is the only search advertising platform that allows the advertiser to learn the demographics (passport driven and not personally identifiable) of who is searching before they pay for a click. Also Microsoft adCenter is the only search advertising platform that offers advertisers the ability to use incremental demographic targeting to more effectively reach their audience.

    Microsoft adCenter represents a significant technical innovation running a high scale Internet service that processes real time auctions and ad delivery across hundreds of servers. In close collaboration with MSR the team has build a one stop shop for advertisers that will enable us to bring advertising not only to MSN and Windows Live but to Office, Xbox, Windows, and virtually all of the software and service experiences we offer.

    If you want to learn more about adCenter have a look at this presentation from MIX06, questions at the end of the presentation are great if not a little hard to hear!

    Of course this topic has fallen with mixed reaction in the industry and there are "unbiased" articles from analysts and observers here and here.

    To stay upto date on adCenter subscribe to

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