June, 2006

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    Grr What a Day!


    I turned up to work early with a large pile of things I need to get done today!

    I get distracted by the news that Scoble is leaving Microsoft... funny how much presence a single person has.

    Then flick out goes the power... not just at Microsoft the whole of Auckland Bloody City!

    I run on battery for an hour and a half until the juice on the wireless Internet in the building goes dead... I then walk down to the basement and manually pull up the garage door. It took three of us to do it and we had to tie it up with a piece of rope.

    I then drive to my parents house on the North Shore (my house in Ellerslie is also without power)... no traffic lights... the bridge set to flow cars into the city although everybody with any sense was leaving it.

    lights out (Look at the Auckland Traffic Cams from this Live.com Gadget)

    I get to my parents place and boot up my laptop and the mobile rings... It's Anneliese she said it took her 30 mins to get through as Vodafone's mobile network was overloaded.

    I find that our TV aerial has blown off the roof and is resting on the currently dead powerline that attaches to our roof!

    Time to disconnect... looks like I might be rushing off for 40 minutes to the other side of Auckland to dettach it in a storm before the power comes back on!

    I wonder how much money today is going to cost New Zealand?

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