August, 2006

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    Tech.Ed NZ if you are going lock in your schedule today!


    Wow Finally I’m back in the land of the living!

    We are less than 2 weeks out from Tech.Ed and an email was sent out this morning urging you to log-in to CommNet before tomorrow and lock in your schedules.

    Please please please… if you are going to the event make sure you do this today.

    You might remember last year that some sessions overfilled and people missed out… locking your schedule in now will help us allocate rooms so this doesn’t happen again this year.

    To help you with this process I have uploaded the latest schedule (As a website and an excel document), colour coded by speaker location (Blue-US, Grey-NZ and Yellow-Aus). Remember to check the speaker tab to learn more about our speakers (unfortunately not all the bios are in there).

    Oh yeah and if you are kicking around at lunchtime make sure you attend my WPF/XAML session (I have 6 people already registered since lunchtime today!).

    Some interesting Tech.Ed stats so far:

    The 128 main breakout sessions are split 23% NZ Speakers,15% Aus Speakers, 62% US Speakers

    The 10 most popular sessions so far…

    01. Payam Shodjai              CON301        (.NET 3.0) Introduction to the .NET Framework 3.0

    02. Jesper Johansson        SEC303         Windows Vista Security Tidbits

    03. David Lowe                    SVR202         Ten things you need to know to implement Windows Server "Longhorn"

    04. Scott Guthrie                  WEB312        ASP.NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks

    05. Scott Guthrie                  WEB309        ASP.NET: End-to-End - Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 2)

    06. Steve Riley                     SEC410         Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies

    07. Rocky Heckman                        SEC305         How Your Applications are Hacked

    08. Steve Riley                     SEC208         Oh no, we've been attacked, now what? Developing an incident response process

    09. Scott Guthrie                  WEB308        ASP.NET: End-to-End - Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 1)

    10. Rowan Simpson                       WEB204        Trade Me Unplugged - The inside story of NZ's largest website

    My surprises so far… not a lot of people have signed up to see George Moore (Microsoft General Manager for

    The panel discussion on Microsoft’s Web Vision staring 2 GM’s (Scott Guthrie and George Moore), 1 US Architect (Ron Jacobs) and Local Trade Me legend (Rowan Simpson) only has 114 signed up for it!? Is this because you aren’t checking the Architecture track?

    See you at Tech.Ed!

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