August, 2006

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    Tech.Ed is Open!


    Well the Hands on Labs are open… and we are just one day away from Tech.Ed!

    Like any big conference there are always last minute changes that are often beyond our control… Michael Leworthy arrived in Auckland last night only to turn around and fly straight back to the US due to a family emergency… Dr Greg Low has stepped up to cover Michael's "Data Dude" session tomorrow morning!

    Last night I hosted Scott Guthrie, Rowan Simpson and Dean Wills to the rugby.

    Scott Guthrie, Rowan Simpson, Dean Wills, Nigel Parker

    Rowan at the RugbyBledisloe
    It was a great game and the conversation was top notch.

    If you are at Tech.Ed this week make sure you attend Scott's LINQ talk (Tuesday, August 22 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM, SkyCity Theatre), it is a brand new talk that he is presenting for the first time!

    Oh yeah… if you love languages, compilers and design DON"T MISS Dean's session "C++/CLI. The Best Language for Managed AND Native Development" Wednesday, August 23 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM, Elliott Rooms 1-3 (Crowne Plaza)). Dean is not just an expert in C++ he knows his way around C# as well. Dean is has just completing a book titled "Pro Visual C++ 2005 for C# Developers" and will probably be the only presenter at the conference running Windows on a Mac!

    Remember also that we have George Moore in town so make sure you attend one of his sessions… with a bio like this.

    "George Moore is the General Manager of the Windows Live Platform responsible for the development and the delivery of advanced social networking services for software and hardware developers. His teams define and build the unified SDKs, APIs and developer community programs for applications built on the Windows Live services representing over 400 million active consumers. George joined Microsoft in 1988 as a program manager and spent 12 years as a senior technical contributor shipping all consumer versions of Microsoft Windows between 1990 and 2002. Most recently he lead an advanced development group focused on the development of concurrent and asynchronous programming models for decentralized systems. He has considerable expertise in operating system development and loosely-coupled architectures."

    Yesterday George was scaring Rowan Simpson and the other members of the Web VNext Panel (Tuesday, August 22 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM, NZ Room 2 (SkyCity)) with his comments on concurrent and asynchronous programming models for decentralized systems!

    See you tomorrow…

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