October, 2006

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    Firefox 2 mini review


    Like other techos out there I couldn't resist taking Firefox 2 for a run.

    First of all I was concerned to see that it took over as the default browser for windows without asking if it could!

    Secondly it was interesting to see that Google is the only provider for the phishing filter. I assume more will be added in the future... to test this out go to this "known" phishing site - http://login-west.com/

    Google Phishing Filter in FireFox 2

    Thirdly I downloaded and installed the English (British) version of FF, I was interested to see that I was presented with the Hong Kong version of google as my start page... I can only imagine that something weird is happening with my proxy!?

    Google Hong Kong default page.

    The next thing I tried was logging into a website that used CardSpace... I was hoping since reading this blog post that the FF team might have (like the Safari team) offer CardSpace support in this release... I guess the answer is not quite yet.

    CardSpace support in FireFox 2?

    Finally it was GREAT to see the FF team implement the Ctrl Scroll Wheel zoom on websites (this is starting to become a psudo standards in the Web 2.0 world)... but what I couldn't understand is why they changed the way people are used to performing this task?

    In IE7, google maps and local.live.com Up Scroll zooms in and Down Scroll zooms out... in FF2 Up Scroll zooms out and Down Scroll zooms in... are there some usibility guidelines about this one that I don't know about? Or is this another example of those clocks that hands turns right to left?

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