March, 2007

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    Well I Finally Did It!


    Despite my pain... I signed up for another Flickr Pro account and are requesting a dreaded Yahoo! ID.

    So how did it go?

    Step 1. Preferred Content

    Didn't Yahoo come to New Zealand recently? No option for NZ content here!

    Yahoo! Australia

    Step 2. What should I choose as my Yahoo! ID?

     Yahoo ID available


    What about "allavailableyahooidssuck" ? Hope gone! grrrrr... seriously this 100x's worse than trying to get a .com address!

    Note to Yahoo... the use of AJAX to check availability of ID might reduce the pain a little here.

    My favourite quote from a distressed Flickr Old Skool user..

    "is yahoo offering any sort of counselling for people who go into fits of rage after the 387th attempt to find an available user ID that doesn't suck? "

    More here... sigh!

    Step 3. No Yahoo Email Address Thanks!

    I was guessing that "unchecked" meant "no thanks"... also note is not an option even though I selected New Zealand as my country of residence.

    Next Screen

    you yahoo mail address

    What the ?!

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