Windows Live is Now Officially Live ;)

Windows Live is Now Officially Live ;)

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I love the panoramic photo stitching. I used it last night to produce this photo to help sell our house.

  • Any news on when we can get live ID's? I notice we can get either the old hotmail address or a address.

  • Here is a panoramic picture of entire Dunedin from Mt.Cargill -

    I love Windows Live :)

  • Hey Chris, sorry no word on addresses I notice because our proxy server runs through Australia that I am being offered a address.

  • For some reason, am not able to see in the domains list choice. I can only signup for and

    Any idea on that ?

  • Yes is for some reason only available to people living in the US. It seems to do an IP check to filter out the for our international guests. Don't ask me why? Instead ask our resident aussie Angus Logan... who now works on the team.

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