Training on all the Latest Stuff!

Training on all the Latest Stuff!

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Great news the .NET 3.5 Enhancements Training kit has been released containing six hands-on labs, made up of the following technologies:

  1. ADO.NET Data Services
  2. ADO.NET Entity Framework
  3. ASP.NET AJAX History
  4. ASP.NET Dynamic Data
  6. ASP.NET Silverlight controls

Also available is the Kigg Starter Kit (A Digg like application developed with ASP.NET MVC Framework, LINQ to SQL and ASP.NET AJAX)

Scott Hanselman's MIX session on MVC is also well worth a look if you are that way inclined. BTW if you want to see Scott at Tech.Ed join the Bring Scott Hanselman to Tech-Ed Australia group and make some noise.

I enjoyed the DNUG talk at Ellerslie last night on MIX08 a developers perspective especially building the DeepZoom SL2 project. Check out this video and to learn more about deepzoom.

I was asked if you could bypass the DeepZoom Composer and create your composition using code. The Answer Yes, Included as part of the Deep Zoom are command line encoding tools that allow you to generate the output files needed without having to use the Deep Zoom Composer. Also if you would like to create collections that can randomise each image's location programatically "rather than one big image" you can do that to. Also Jamie has a primer on the deepzoom technology if you would like to go deep.

As I mentioned ScotGu has a great list of Silverlight 2 resources on his blog.

In fact after lifting the lid off SL2 yesterday I was inspired to "re-work" my video reflection demo from SL1 to SL2. The video is below, code is here (minus the video)

Download a better looking WMV version (14.5MB)

Also Silverlight Streaming now supports the free hosting of Silverlight 2 applications. Check this post on the Naked XAP upload enabled in Silverlight Streaming.

P.S. Those of you who aren't subscribed to the MSDN Flash the code from my recent VS2008/ ASP.NET presentation is on skydrive and you might also find this link useful.

If you want to see me present on the new stuff in person come along to one of my MSDN Unplugged events coming up in May.

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