February, 2010

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    The Pollinator


    I wrote previously about Click Suite, Auckland Museum + the ‘Hybridiser’ as part of Wonderland: The Mystery of the Orchid exhibition at Auckland Museum.

    This time Click Suite are at it again with The Pollinator.

    launched as part of the Wonderland: The Magic of the Rose exhibition.

    Zef describes the project on his highly acclaimed blog following an animated post Tap Dancing on Paper that talks about how the user interface was constructed.

    The final user experience specification was just 11 pages in length and served to help communicate the concept to our client, the designer and developer (in case you’re a tech-head you might like to know that it was created as a WPF application using Microsoft’s Expression Suite – and most scenes are rendering as real-time 3D!).


    Once again BRILLIANT work and testament to what a great Windows application can look like!

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