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    Can I use Team Foundation Server with earlier versions of Visual Studio?


    I recently blogged about an article Rob Caron wrote on "The evolution of Visual Studio from Visual Studio .NET 2003 to Visual Studio 2005".

    An interesting excerpt (and little known fact from that article is described below)

    "In addition, you can purchase Team Foundation Server CALs for using Team Explorer with Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition and Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition to provide integrated Team Foundation functionality.

    If youre working on a project that cannot migrate to Visual Studio 2005 just yet but youre anxious to start using Team Foundation Server, you can purchase Team Foundation Server CALs and use Team Explorer side-by-side with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and earlier versions of Visual Studio. Although you wont enjoy the integrated experience found in Visual Studio 2005 youll be able to take advantage of Team Foundation Servers core features, such as version control and work item tracking."

    I though I would further clarify this point by providing a diagram detailing what features are supported by Team Foundation Server using Team Explorer side-by-side with the different developer platforms.

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