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    Beta 2 has shipped on MSDN!


    Stay tuned Sean will post very soon confirming how you can order a copy of the new Beta's on DVD in New Zealand to save a massive download bill :)

    The MOTO and PMG teams are very pleased to announce today’s release of the Web sites to support the release of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, which is a major milestone on our way to the next generation of Visual Studio products. This effort included long hours, and incredible co-operation by all the teams involved. The work included the development, update, and launch of the following Developer Centers:

    • Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center
      • Updated to reflect Beta 2 changes
      • Expanded Download section, including adding support for Pharos crawls for Starter Kits and other downloads coming from the product teams and our CodeZone partners
    • Visual Studio 2005 Team System
    • Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition
    • Coding4Fun Developer Center (aka the Hobbyist Developer Center)
      • A new Developer Center designed to target the non-professional and hobbyist developer market
      • All new visually appealing design, while still following MSDN and guidelines
      • Entirely new projects and articles to get traditional and non-traditional developers excited in the Express products and the rest of our development product line
    • As well as numerous updates to the regular MSDN Developer Centers, including ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and SQL

    Big Thanks To


    • John Serna
    • Chris Dahl
    • Brian Johnson
    • Chris Mowrer
    • Christa Carpentiere
    • Brad McCabe
    • Matt Powell
    • John Boylan
    • Sarah Cousins Hoopes
    • Frank Redmond

    PMG and Product Teams

    • Dan Fernandez
    • Brian Keller
    • Brian Goldfarb
    • Ajay Sudan
    • Shawn Nandi
    • Jon Byrum
    • Jay Roxe
    • Christopher Flores
    • Kim Meyer
    • Prashant Sridharan
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