Microsoft Office Portal Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services use a number of different databases for different tasks.

These databases are:

  • <...>_PROF
    • This is the profile database and contains SharePoint profile information for the Portal
    • One of these for each Portal
  • <...>_SITE
    • This is the site database and contains all of the Portal and WSS site information
    • At least one of these for each Portal or WSS instance.  To help load balance, more can be created through the WSS Administration user interface.
  • <...>_SERV
    • This is the Service database and contains the alert definitions anf notifications, gatherer logs
    • One of these for each Portal
  • <...>_Config_DB
    • This is the Configuration database and contains the server definitions for the farm environment
    • Only one of these for the entire farm.