For how many of the following questions can you answer "no"?

1) Your PC is connected to the Internet
2) You have valuable things on your PC and it is probably joined to a corporate LAN
3) There are nasty people on the Internet who would like nothing more than to gain access to your PC and to your network
4) There are undiscovered vulnerabilities in the software running on your PC…
5) … that could be exploited by a hacker or by malware
7) Your anti-virus software is reactive and imperfect
8) You (sometimes) make mistakes: clicking yes when you mean no, downloading software you shouldn’t, opening email or IM you shouldn’t
9) There are webpages with “drive-by” installations of malware: you render a page in your browser and you're infected (and unaware of it)
10) You log on as an admin: a successful attacker or malware will have complete and utter control of your PC
11) You're a developer, you know about all of the above and you still log on as admin
12) Oh, and you have a weak password