At last! The .NET Framework 3.0 - July 2006 CTP has arrived. This is the drop we've all been waiting for. The issues with the Windows CardSpace in the June CTP have been fixed. If you want to experiment with CardSpace there is no better build to install and play with. This build is fom the RC1 fork so changes from this point on should (<insert normal disclaimer>) be few and far between. 

Targeting this build, the nice people at Telligent have added Information Card support to Community Server 2.1 for our community site, If you browse to using IE7 Beta 3 and you have the July CTP installed you will be able to use Information Cards to register and logon to the site.

We're currently using a standard SSL certificate with the sandbox so when the CarSpace Trust Dialog pops up you will not see any logos and you will be warned that it is not a High Assurance SSL certificate:

"This site does not meet Windows CardSpace requirements for a bank or major Internet business..."

This illustrates the value of High Assurance certs and their integration with CardSpace. If a website uses an HA cert users who login using Information Cards can have a high(er) degree of confidence in the identity of the site - it meets a higher verification bar at the Certificate Authority.

Furthermore, if a bad guy attempts to phish users by drawing them to a site copying the genuine site, the user will spot something fishy (sorry!) because either there is no way to logon using CardSpace or, if there is, the user will be warned 1) that it's the first time they've visited the site (CardSpace keeps track of where cards are used), and 2) that it isn't an HA cert - provided the HA cert verification mechanism is working as intended, that is.

We will be adding an HA cert to the sandbox in future so you will be able to test the HA cert behaviour as well.