Following in Dave's footsteps of blogging self-inflicted injuries, I had a run-in with a garden tool on Anzac day that I thought I'd share.  Think of it as a cautionary tale against gardening with only your limbic brain engaged.

I'd spent the afternoon in the garden, removing weeds and generally tidying things up.  I decided that I'd move a Yucca tree from it's location near the garage to a more permanent spot on the other side of the garden.  I needed to dig a hole to receive the tree, and had started digging, encountering quite a few bits of hard stuff beneath the surface of the ground.  At the time, I thought little of this, instead relying on brute strength and my ability to lift hevvy fings to get me through.

Here's the spade I was using (yes it's all metal)

The Spade of Terror

The sequence of events went something like this.  Nigel attempts to push spade down into ground.  Encounters resistance.  Hmmm more force required.  Nigel lifts spade up and brings it down vigorously at a significant rate of knots.  Unstoppable force meets immovable subterranean object.  Physics takes over, and redirects force back up the handle of the spade.  Spade handle flicks back and around to score a direct hit on Nigel's conveniently positioned right cheek bone.  Check splits on impact.  Princess takes Nigel to nearest clinic for medical attention.

Here's the aftermath if you are interested.  I swear the doctor who attended me was giggling while I wasn't looking - I mean, who manages to whack themself in the face with a spade?!?  I guess that means my cat-walk (and neurosurgery) career is over :)