Just a reminder, for those of you that haven't seen an invitation yet - time is ticking away to get yourself registered for the Australian Architecture Forum, which runs in Sydney and Melbourne in a couple of weeks time.

This is a truly unique event; IBM, Microsoft, Object Consulting, ThoughtWorks, EDS, SDM, and WDG, along with the IASA and ACS all working in unison to bring together some of our local community's brightest to discuss and share solution architecture practices.

Top five reasons why you should consider coming along:

  1. Meet and network with your peers in the industry.  What do architects at other organisations do?  How does this compare to what you do, and what can you learn from others?
  2. Discuss and share experiences.  The majority of the day is made up of round-tables, hosted by subject matter experts from the community.  This is YOUR opportunity to learn directly from someone with an architectural speciality while at the same time having a chance to voice your own thoughts.
  3. Find out how you can progress your career as an architect.  What certifications are available?  How do you get onto these programs?  What sort of mentoring is available?
  4. Learn about the latest best practices in architecture in some of the breakout sessions.  The keynote will be delivered by none other than Don Ferguson, otherwise known as the 'Father of Websphere'.  This is a very, very special chance to hear his thoughts on how SOA, ESBs, Web Services and Web 2.0 technologies are harmonising in the industry.
  5. The event is a single-day, in either Sydney or Melbourne.  No need to block out 2-3 days for a long, drawn out conference. AND it's incredible value for money - less than $300.00 to participate in a unique forum in which you can help set the agenda for the day.

Hope to see you there!